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Bookie confesses to Match Fixing in IPL, World Cup, and Domestic Football – Exclusively on Power Sportz

Bookie Confessionon Power Sportz

In a sensational revelation, a bookie, who has been involved in match fixing has openly talked about the match fixing in IPL, World Cup, and Domestic Football. Also, he has unveiled about the involvement of all, right from the grounds men to international cricketers, in the entire game of Match fixing in India.

The bookies has even quoted examples of players being agitated if they do not adhere to the Match fixing instructions. Not just that, he in fact, shed light on what lies behind the Red card decisions in football? How does the betting happen across the A team, and the B? International Cricketers’ involvement in the Match fixing things and so on so forth. And all that has been revealed in one and only Sports Channel ‘Power Sportz’.

Power Sportz through its show “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” has brought the issue of match fixing in the limelight and this time – channel has a solid proof! A Bookie, who has been involved in match fixing, confessed about match fixing in Indian cricket & football and has unveiled how youngsters in the private domestic leagues are under the scanner for match fixing!

To know more, watch the entire program on ‘Talking Turkey with Kanthi,’ and know all about the malpractice that is affecting the entire sports ecosystem adversely.