Coronavirus Timeline Not a Mystery anymore

The latest outbreak to take the world on is the widely known Coronavirus or known as COVID-19 among scientists. The Coronavirus is by far the deadliest of viruses following the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The disease is an iteration of a variety of illnesses. The onset of the sickness mutated as it passed from a bat,  a wombat and finally down to a human at the wet market in Wuhan’s business district. The emergence of the virus first came presenting similar symptoms to the common cold. These signs include the onsets like a runny nose, a blistering fever, consistent fatigue and a persistent dry cough

However, what sets the Coronavirus apart is its rather fast spread past typically based symptoms. The virus also integrates more than primary symptoms like muscle pain and struggled to breathe. A further 10% revealed the onset of atypical symptoms, including diarrhoea and nausea.

Further discovery into the disease shows that a vast number of affected individuals are the aged portion of the population covering well-aged individuals between 22 and 92 years old. Even though its rather fast spread research shows that the virus does not easily affect children with a rare occurrence between 2%

A large number of infected cases contracted pneumonia while a third of the total cases came up with breathing difficulty who  subsequently put themselves under close monitoring in the intensive care unit

A recent publication came to production from the New England Journal of Medicine. The paper gave a time lined existence, incubation, symptom and death time of the Coronavirus. In the study preceding the publication, researchers looked into the new virus in a 35-year old infected man who showed signs of a dry cough immediately followed by a fever

Come day three, and the victim showed a tendency to be nauseated. He also showed abdominal discomfort by day six that grew to be pneumonia with difficult breathing. The symptoms persist, and by day 12, the patient started recovering except for his somewhat consistent running nose and a mild cough.

Come the 24th of February 2020, and the current WHO President Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated to reporters that revealed how China statistics show newly discovered recovery time of close to 14 days for infected individuals with an onset of mild symptoms. However, the outcome can take more time, with an elongated timeline of three to six weeks for people with severe or essential diseases to heal.