Global Temozolomide Market Is Expected To Grow At a CAGR of 2.5% from 2020 to 2027

Temozolomide is classified as an oral alkylating agent that is widely used by a neurologist for the treatment of refractory anaplastic astrocytoma. It is basically not active unless it is converted into MTIC at physiological pH and is reported to alkylate the DNA at the O3 position of adenosine, N7 position of guanine, and O6 position of guanosine, etc. It has a complete and rapid absorption via the gastrointestinal tract and has a half-life of approximately 1.8 hours.

Glioblastoma multiforme is presently dominating the clinical application segment for the temozolomide market on account of the limited capacity of the brain tissues to repair itself. As per the latest statistics provided by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the incidence rate associated with glioblastoma multiforme is 2 to 3 per 100,000 adults annually across the globe. According to the latest information provided by the American Cancer Society (ACS), anaplastic astrocytoma accounts for 1% to 2% of the primary brain tumors worldwide. There are different subtypes of anaplastic astrocytoma which are recognized by the abnormal genetic signatures such as IDH mutants and IDH wildtype.

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Hospital pharmacy is currently leading the distribution channel segment for the temozolomide market. The drug is considered as an adjuvant therapeutic agent for brain tumor patients subjected to radiation therapy, hence accurate drug dispensing is necessary under the supervision of hospital pharmacists to prevent the occurrence of unwanted side effects associated with temozolomide. Retail pharmacy is expected to register exemplary market growth in the near future on account of the flourishing generic drugs market and its ability to cater to the medicinal requirements of households residing in remote locations.

North America is spearheading the geography segment for the temozolomide market. The rising prevalence of brain cancer primarily drives market growth in the region. The existence of developed healthcare infrastructure and effective implementation of treatment guidelines as formulated by the American Society of Clinical Oncology for the treatment of recurrent anaplastic astrocytoma further accentuates the market growth in the region. Europe is placed 2nd in the regional segment for the temozolomide market on account of the nurturing regulatory environment provided by the European Medical Agency (EMA), regarding the sale and purchase of temozolomide drug formulations in the region. The Asia Pacific is anticipated as the fastest growing regional segment for the temozolomide market. Developing healthcare infrastructure and lucrative market opportunities for western giants to establish subsidiaries and retail outlets together determine the temozolomide market growth.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers actively engaged in the production of temozolomide are Accord Healthcare, Inc., Apotex Corporation., Merck KGaA., Schering-Plough Corporation., Cipla Limited., Mayne Pharma Group., Alvogen, Mylan Pharmaceutical Industries Limited., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited and Sandoz, Inc.

Key Market Movements:

  • Rising prevalence of brain cancer worldwide
  • Effective implementation of the treatment guidelines for the management of recurrent anaplastic astrocytoma across the globe
  • The nurturing regulatory environment provided for the sale and distribution of temozolomide drug formulations drives the market growth

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