Good news for Automakers in China

Automakers in China are better off after the Chinese government recently announced a move to ease production quotas. This move was inspired by the lag in implementing emission rules. The Chinese governments lays in hopes of revamping the economy by allowing the automakers to produce and sell more. Chinas automotive industry has come under recess recently since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Bureaucrats worldwide also expressed their views on slumping of the policy implementations emissions. The Chinese government states that the move is a measure to allow the car industry to revive itself. The industry is currently witnessing a massive setback after the coronavirus pandemic. It has experienced a dwindling in numbers since the start of February,owing to the fact that a majority of its customers are indoors under lockdown.

President Donald Trump of the United States have his opinion that plans to loosen its hold on vehicle emission rules are currently underway. This is especially after revising the previous standard regulations set by the previous administration . It, therefore, stands that the projected yearly increases from the industry will be lower. 

Bureaucrats say that the implementations have to stop until the operations resume normalcy . The electric models’ venture will stop awaiting the projected economic rise from the coronavirus.

Leaders are however under scrutiny for failing to actualize the plan to shift to electric cars. Yet. there is a relief for them, given they were unprepared for such a pandemic. With this in mind, the executive members are still deliberating the move to phase out internal combustion engines. This move will start with the introduction of hybrid vehicles.

The sudden break of the project is partly because of the coronavirus outbreak. China, , will be forced to adjust to its policies concerning the new electric vehicles. China confirms that the government is in the process of easing quotas for automakers to recuperate its economy.

China hopes that its automakers are going to adhere to the strict regulations stipulated for the new electric vehicles. The move is a proposal to fulfil its promise of quotas to the automakers. It hopes that by doing so, the sales are going to rise in the next quarter of the year. The electric cars and hydrogen fuel-cell cars are going to generate revenue for their economy as a country.

Critics are however, not happy with the fact that car manufacturers like Toyota, Tesla, Volkswagen, and General Motors will be making more electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel-cell cars, and hybrid cars. The outlying reason for this is that production of gasoline cars will come to a halt. However time will tell whether these policies will come into full implementation