Jones Brothers Among Success Stories at Birchwood Tennis Club

There’s something exceptional about the youthful ability right now at Birchwood Tennis Club.

“I think ‘unique’ is probably the best word,” Birchwood Tennis Club Director of Tennis Tim Haus said. “There’s so many kids. They’re all different styles, coming from different areas of northeast Pennsylvania and their success has been just tremendous.”

That achievement was in plain view a month ago at the Little Mo Northeast Regionals at Forest Hills. We’ve included Kyle Chesman of Dallas and Tristan Vivona of Waymart previously. Them two won the title in their individual divisions. Jake Jones of Dallas completed second. He’s only 11 years of age, yet large and in charge.

“I just practiced and kept trying and eventually, you’re going to get it,” Jones said.

“He’s very smart,” Haus explained. “He understands how to move you in and out of position to get the shot that he wants.”

“You have to go for a lot of balls,” Jones added. “You can’t just sit there just hitting with them because eventually they’re going to make a move and you want to try to make the move first.”

“He’s very smart,” Haus explained. “He understands how to move you in and out of position to get the shot that he wants.”

Jake’s ability on the tennis court keeps running in the family. His more youthful siblings, Dylan and Luke, play also and they don’t simply admire their more seasoned sibling. They attempt to beat him.”

“He’s inspired me a lot,” Dylan said. “I want to beat him every time I play him.”

“I just want to keep trying until I get more games and more games until eventually I’ll win and then once I win, I’ll be happy,” Luke said.

Up to that point, it’s a decent kin competition.

“Playing with them is fun,” Jake said, “Sometimes you get into little arguments.”

“It’s hard because usually they just annihilate me in tennis,” 8-year-old Luke admitted. “I don’t really beat them at all.”

“I beat Luke a lot. So that’s fun for me,” 10-year-old Dylan said. “I lose to Jake. So that’s the only bad part.”

“He gets a little angry playing us, but it’s all competitive,” the oldest, Jake, clarified.

“They’re really good tennis players and I want to be as good as them when I’m older,” Luke said.

Every one of the three Jones siblings, Chesman and Vivona all certified for the following Little Mo International Tournament in Orlando this October.