Kobe Bryant Leaves an Impact on Skills Nation

CEO of Skills Nation Marcell Nelson, partner CJ Bates and colleagues Coach Edward Turner, and Bennett Muhl grew up watching Kobe Bryant’s career from the day he was drafted to his very last shot. Kobe was a huge part of their childhood. When the generation before them wanted to be like Jordan. They wanted to be like Kobe, from shooting fadeaways in the gym or shooting a paper bill in the trash. Skills Nation will always admire Kobe Bryant’s work ethic and what he means to the game of basketball and their lives. Now that he’s gone a piece of their childhood has also left them but Skills Nation will always remember Kobe’s greatness and legacy.

Skills Nations knows how important it is to create opportunities for young athletes to chase their dreams.  They also know how hard it is to gain exposure, that’s why they have created the Skills Nation platform to introduce highlights & stats from around the world.  Skills Nation is a one-stop-shop, they have over 400 college coaches that view their website and track their data all throughout the year. Skills Nation brings exposure to the athletes by just a click of a button. www.theskillsnation.com