Milwaukee vs China: Bucks Burst Past China with a Dominating Third Period

Athlete Landale came ready to ball against Team China, as the Milwaukee Bucks demonstrated overpowering as the game wore on the way to a 84-67 triumph. A shockingly engaging first quarter led to Milwaukee sprinkling home a lot of triples, while China banked in a signal blender to carry it to a 22-19 advantage for the Bucks. The subsequent quarter transformed into a foulfest for a spell, yet it transformed into another engaging forward and backward regardless of the Bucks trailing 40-39 at half. Milwaukee at last aired out an agreeable lead with a 27-13 advantage int he second from last quarter alone, and they rode that gap right to a W.

Bonus Bucks Bits

Sterling Brown had the night off and didn’t show up in the game.

Tranquil as he’s been since the first game of this Vegas stretch, I sure appreciate seeing Daulton Hommes draw up for stepback jumpers. His stroke stays unadulterated.

Farrell, who’s remained a spunky player all Summer League, had one of my preferred passes so far in the primary when he drove, jumped open to question and rifled a one-hander cross-court to Hommes holding up in the corner. Hommes paid it off by sprinkling a triple. Farrell did a lot of work waxing the Chinese in the pick-and-roll too pair with Landale. Him nailing off-balance triples has been fun.

I’ll say it, I was pleasantly surprised by how exciting Team China was to watch. In Summer League, I appreciated their defensive intensity picking up the Bucks guards nearly full court, and they had some nice flow to their offensive sets. Zhou Qi has some impressive handles for a guy his size. They were feisty too, netting three technical fouls for the contest.

There were such a large number of close dunks – especially from gatekeepers – that were thwarted at last. Bryant, Tucker and Munford each had at any rate one.

Athlete Landale had some fantastic plays moving to the edge, and hauled out a Mchale shimmy shake move in the post where he got a China player solidified noticeable all around. He’s been the most predictable non-list player, maybe most reliable in general.

Fletcher Magee got more run in this one, but couldn’t find the bottom of the net on either of his two 3-point attempts.

Congrats to each and every one of you that stayed up and watched the game in its entirety. It was truly an honor to witness this alongside you, malfunctioning clock with 12.6 seconds remaining and all.