Miranda Kerr shows off her home in Los Angeles and officially announcing his son’s birth

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has given birth to her third child and made an official announcement via her IG account. The news was shared as the last photos of her being pregnant and was published by a reliable reporter. In her interview, the 36 years old model also gave a glimpse of her home in Los Angeles.

Miranda has been married to the co-founder of Snapchat i.e. Evan Spiegel. The newly born Myles is the second son of the couple. Miranda’s eldest child, 8 years old Flynn Christopher is with her ex-husband named Orlando Bloom.

Miranda makes use of her official IG account to announce the birth of her baby. Earlier a statement was released to magazine confirming the news that Myles was born. Though the model has made the official announcement, yet she has not shared the weight of the newly born, exact date of his birth. Moreover, she didn’t release any official photo of the newly born baby.

The supermodel has shared the announcement with the following caption,

We are overjoyed at the arrival of Myles and so appreciate everyone’s kind words and wishes during this special time. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our beautiful son into our family.

Miranda’s fans were surprised to see how comfortable and cozy her home is that she shared with her billionaire husband. She spoke to the reporter and said that she wanted to make sure that her home was one of those places that were always open and welcoming for the visitors. The model shared her furniture collection which she bought from Universal Furniture.

She showcased several pieces from her personal collection throughout the interview. Miranda added about her partnership with the latest Miranda Kerr home collection and universal furniture.

She said, “As someone who loves the sanctuary of being at home and surrounding myself with beautiful pieces, it has been a dream of mine to create my own collection of furniture that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but that also promotes a warm, positive, loving energy in the home. I look forward to sharing more about this exciting new partnership with Universal over the next few months.

She also shared that she was always attracted to the cottage style home when she first visited it. I saw so much potential she said and I changed the interior of the house a lot. No doubt the bones still exist there however the interior of the house is pretty much different.

The white bungalow has been surrounded by the greenery all over throughout the year and just like several other homes in Los Angeles, the back of the house features a chic swimming pool. It is a 1,700 square foot cottage pricing $2.15 million. Talking about the inspiration behind the cozy environment of home; Kerr said, “Growing up, my grandmother was always hosting people — she had an open-door policy, and I wanted to create the same feeling.

Miranda Kerr Shows Off Her Cozy Los Angeles Home so what do you have to say about the Miranda Kerr’s and Evan Spiegel’s home?