Our staff

Kevin Carter
Kevin Carter live in Chicago. His father is preschool teacher and mother is housewife. After high school Doug attended college. He is majority in early childhood education and child psychology. After the college he worked in schools. Then he decided to go into publishing before becoming a writer himself. He published number of article as author on Critic Sports.
Catherine West
Catherine West was named as the best author in a famous Literary fest. She is a research writer for Critic Sports. She writes news related to Games, Social Media and Jobs. She lives in New York. She has published a few books. Now she is working as an author for Critic Sports.
Hannah Whiteman
Hannah Whiteman is scientist, writer and poet. She lives in California. She is a fantastic writer. She writes fabulous news on recent things. She has collection of poems and articles. She completed his degree in Chicago University. Currently she works as a news writer on Critic Sports.
Julie Brisebois
Julie Brisebois is a well known writer. His Mother is Journalism and father is an Artist. She writes breaking news related to Sports and Fitness. Before working at Critic Sports she writes books, poems etc. She lives in Chicago. She completed his degree in Journalism. Now she is contributes as a sports writer at criticsports.com.