Playstation 5 Will Feature A More Efficient Power Saving

The next generation Play Station which is named Playstation 5 has been equipped with environment-friendly features. It would be very right to say that Sony has been drip-feeding its followers about this next generation PlayStation for a while. It was back in April wherein an interview several things were revealed to people. The credit goes to the same interview that we now know certain things about the PlayStation 5.

Prominent features of the PlayStation 5:Salient features of the PlayStation 5 are as follows:

  • It has an 8 core AMD CPU
  • Super-fast solid-state drive
  • Custom 3D audio unit
  • Ability to play the physical media

The best part is that the company claims that the upcoming PlayStation 5 will feature a more efficient power saving and it is indeed one of the hot topics these days. Energy conservation and being green towards the environment are the topics that everyone likes to talk about these days in every part of the world. The deputy president of the company also shared that PS4 and PS5 owners will be in a position to play online together. There have been several rumors about the same till the Mr. Director confirmed things.

Energy-saving feature: Being energy efficient is one of the commitments that Sony is seen to be making. The company along with its partner has already announced the playing for the planet alliance. In addition to it, Sony and Microsoft both are building energy saving, low power modes into the Xbox One and PS4. However; it shows that we as users can expect more efficient technology when the year 2020 will be welcoming new consoles.

It needs to be worth stating here that this energy-saving feature will be optional and will not be by default. This simply means that the users of the PlayStation 5 will have control over which type of power they will use. We all know that Sony has been one of the companies being so active in proactive environmental behavior. This feature is yet another step towards being an environment-friendly company practically.

Keeping in view a huge number of Sony console users, even if one million users enable the energy-saving mode, it will be equal to saving energy that can be consumed in 1,000 American homes. It would indeed be a great contribution in this regard.

Date of release: The Company has not so far announced a release date of the PlayStation 5. However, the rumors are in the market that it will be brought to the market in Fall 2020. It is expected that the console will be announced earlier next year; most probably as early as in February.

Price of the PlayStation 5:The Company i.e. Sony has still not announced any price for the Play Station 5.

Let’s all have some patience and wait for the PlayStation 5 to hit the markets. There are also expectations associated with this model. Let’s hope all these will be met.