‘Terminator tape’ cleans the space Debris by removing lifeless satellites in the Earth’s Orbit. 

The orbit of the earth is full of space fragments from dead satellites. As more space ships get into the sky every year, it is becoming a basis of space jumbles left by satellites. When the satellites become functionless, they keep moving in the orbit for a very long period, for instance, hundreds of years instead of falling back into the earth’s sky. This even poses a danger to space missions anticipated to take place in the future.

To solve this particular problem of space junks, a non-governmental aerospace entity has and innovative solution of taking out dead satellites from the space. Purportedly, Tethers Unlimited has not only designed but as well displayed a modest method to dispose of functionless satellites by using a conductive tape of about 230 feet that they calls  ‘Terminator Tape.’

Presently, Terminator Tape is a module that looks like a notebook. It is affordable and has less weight of less than a kilogram. Its model enables it to clasp onto the outside of a satellite and establish a graft dynamism on it that will lower the satellite into its orbit at a faster frequency as opposed to leaving it with its tools. 

According to information released during a correspondent meeting, an electrical indicator stimulates the conductive tape sourced from either from another satellite or a self-directed control component when the satellite comes to the completion of its operation and ready to rest. 

Tethers Unlimited has successfully done some experiments on the structure by fastening a programmed control unit of the Terminator Tape to the Porx-1 satellite lifted off by the Air Force Research Laboratory’s University Nanosatellite Operation in June last year (2019). This satellite was to be out of direction following three months of its functions, and as anticipated, experts positioned the Terminator Tape on time. Dr. Hoyt, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Tethers Unlimited said in a statement that the satellite soon started moving out of its orbit at a rate of 24 times faster as explored by the United States Space Reconnaissance Network.

The next step on Tethers Unlimited roster’s list is to deploy a low-Earth orbit space trip test by the name ‘DRAGRACER,’ which would equate the promptness of two similar satellites moving out of the space to estimate the working abilities of the tape. The American aerospace entity has partnerships with MilleniumSpace Structures, TriSept and RocketLab for the same period.