Trump’s Space Force launches its first satellite into the orbit

The U.S Space Force has launched its first mission to the space to add to the U.S military sixth mission created in the year 2019. U.S President Donald Trump had a goal of provision of the next-generation military with communications from the space to the earth.

The U.S space force mission comprises the advanced Extremely High Frequency, commonly referred to as an AEHF-6 communication satellite.  The primary satellite function is to help the military have a successful communication on the earth’s surface in the air and underneath the sea.  On 26th March at 16;18 hrs. Eastern time, there was a brief due to hydraulics issues, and the condition for the satellite briefings it was the time the satellite launching occurred. The launching took place on the space top of a (ULA) United Launch Alliance at Atlas V rocket in Florida at Cape Canaveral 

The satellite builder is Lockheed Martin, who designed it to enhance survivable protected communications capabilities for all leaders in the government and the military in operations. They include warfighters in different places such as on the air with rockets, and in the sea using the ship. The above statement came from Lockheed during the briefing on the uniqueness of the satellite. 

The system in the satellite, known as the anti-jam system, will serve other international countries who are allies to the United States of America, such as Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and the United Kingdom at large, Lockheed added. 

The main difference with other AEHF satellites, AEHF-6, will go towards geostationary orbit, which is 36,000 kilometers above the surface of the earth. This launching of the AEHF-6 satellite is the final and the sixth satellite because the other satellite launching occurred between the year 2010 and the year 2019.

The ULA stated to mark its 500th flight launch using its engine known as the RL10 engine on the rocket’s Centaur upper stage.  ULA added that this singular configuration of Atlas V rocket referred to as 5551 had launched more than ten times of the rockets so far. Some of the launched rockets include the NASA New Horizon satellite on 19th January the year 2006. 

Despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mission took place. Coronavirus outbreak has curtailed most of the recent activities causing delaying or postponement of most of the space activities and missions.  President Trump added the space force as an additional branch of the U.S army.