Vince Carter Dunks 180-Degree Backwards, Wearing a Suit at NBA Finals

The perfection of the incomparable Julius Erving narrative The Doctor is when Doc, 60 years of age, ascends to tossed down a pummel in an unfilled rec center. The thought? That Gravity still hasn’t made up for lost time with Erving, even after such a long time on earth.

Well NBA legend and dunk virtuoso Vince Carter is just 44. Yet, consider this: gravity doesn’t know Carter’s location — gravity just appears as though it will never under any circumstance track Vince Carter down. Here is Carter taking dunk demands at the Golden State Warriors Oracle Arena during the NBA Finals.

He conveys a retrogressive 180-degree turn hammer without having his dress shirt get completely untucked. He may remove his coat, yet those are as yet his specially custom fitted suit pants he’s wearing, with his shirt secured the whole distance. Inquire in 16 years, when they make the Vince Carter at 60 narrative. Check whether gravity has gained any ground. One year from now will be Carter’s toward the end in the NBA.